1. Gucci Flora COLLECTION

    The new Gucci Flora collection expresses a stunning and contemporary mood that showcases the exceptional skills of Gucci’s Italian master goldsmiths. Poetic, delicate and elegant, the line explores different styles featured in both the high jewelry masterpieces and the exquisite fine jewelry. Gucci Flora’s dainty flowers and butterflies are worked in novel materials and techniques: 18kt white and pink gold, diamonds, precious stones, and fine hand-painted enameling. Necklaces, bangles, earrings, and rings match to offer a perfect combination of femininity and modernity. A skull introduces a new bold addition to the original design, an epitome of contemporary jeweled street chic.

  2. The Horsebit Collection

    Emblematic of Gucci glamour, the Horsebit was introduced as a decorative element on handbags in the 1950s. Designed to recall the horse riding tradition in Florence’s high society, it has since evolved into the bold hardware on handbags and shoes, prints on canvas handbags and silks, watches and most recently, Fine Jewelry. Reworked by Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini in a contemporary style, the Horsebit takes on softly sensual shapes to become a jewelry collection.

    The bracelet was one of Frida’s first creations and the Horsebit motif was then developed into an extensive collection. Among the variants is the Horsebit Marina Chain Collection, a splendid marriage of two symbolic Gucci icons: the unique Marina Chain motif and the highly iconic Horsebit element. The result is an elegant range that combines the fluidity of the chain elements with the bold lines of the Horsebit hardware in 18kt gold.

  3. The Marina Chain Collection

    Towards the middle of the 50s, Gucci began to draw inspiration from the world of yachting for some of the house’s products. As a result, sports bags and gift items with boating motifs – such as anchors, boating knots, and mooring ropes – were created. Nearly a decade later, Gucci introduced the Marina Chain into its jewelry production, starting off with cufflinks and bracelets, followed by gift items such as keyrings. The first belts appeared in the early 1970’s as a silver-plated anchor chain with anchor motifs, and in the same period, gold necklaces and women’s watches appeared. Today, the Marina Chain is also combined with the Horsebit line to create an elegant range that merges the fluidity of the chain elements with the bold lines of the Horsebit hardware in 18kt gold.


    The House’s founder Guccio Gucci often found inspiration in the sporting pastimes of Florentine aristocracy and, in the 1960s, it was the world of horse riding that gave rise to a new motif. ‘Chiodo’ means ‘nail’ in Italian and the elongated nails used to shoe horses, with their contrasting curved and square form, were transformed by Gucci into a variety of elegant designs. Initially used as decorative feature on bracelets and watches, Chiodo evolved over the years to become a prestigious jewelry range finished with the iconic Chiodo square-headed nail motif. Simple and understated, Chiodo is the embodiment of Gucci’s creativity, fused with impeccable jewelry craftsmanship.

  5. The Diamantissima Collection

    At the heart of the Gucci archives is the Diamante Canvas. Its distinctive crisscross pattern, which features small interconnecting dark brown diamonds on a tan background, was originally the debut signature print of this Florentine House. Created in the mid 1930s, the diamond pattern was first woven onto hemp and used on luggage as one of Gucci’s innovative solutions to prewar leather shortages.

    The design’s crisscross configuration served as a precursor to the famous GG logo. Although featured throughout the 1950s, the Diamante Canvas was left largely unused until Creative Director Frida Giannini rediscovered the motif in the Gucci archives. The elegant and subtle design has now been incorporated into an exclusive yet contemporary Fine Jewelry line in three shades of gold, namely, yellow, white and pink.


    Reconfigured and deployed in innumerable designs, the Gucci GG icon has appeared and reappeared over time, merged into a circle, back-to-back, inverted, and abstracted. The Running G collection features the GG motif in a most recent “running” pattern. This 18 kt yellow and white gold collection is immediately identifiable thanks to boule chains, and a striking octagonal-shaped ring, exclusive of Gucci Jewelry. The white 18 kt gold line is embellished by diamonds.

  7. The Bamboo Collection

    First introduced in the 1940s as an innovative solution to a lack of raw materials during World War II, the iconic stem shape of Gucci’s hugely popular Bamboo range was later translated into jewelry in 1971.

    Today, Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini has successfully interpreted the graceful form of the bamboo plant across rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces in 18kt gold, also beautifully decorated with white diamonds. The 2010 Fine Jewelry Collection includes a new range of Bamboo jewelry pieces featuring an innovative spring mechanism that combines exceptional design with technical expertise new to Gucci.

  8. The Silver Collection

    Gucci’s Sterling Silver Collection comprises an elegant set of sleek pieces with a thoroughly modern allure. From the highly popular Britt line, to the urban aesthetic of the Dog Tag range, Gucci can demonstrate unique craftsmanship and savoir-faire in the domain of silver jewelry.

    The Sterling Silver Collection showcases a variety of fine techniques and detailing, such as the remarkable mirrored ‘G’ carved into silver, heart or butterfly and the engraving of Gucci’s trademark – the Made in Italy quality guarantee. The Sterling Silver Collections includes a new line inspired by the shape of bamboo. This beautiful sterling silver collection features handcrafted bamboo wood ‘stones’ that adorn necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. The warmth of the natural brown tones of the bamboo combined with the shiny palladium sterling silver chains is strikingly seductive.